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The Khayelitsha Golf Driving Range
Located in one of the largest townships in South Africa. The Khayelitsha Golf Driving Range caters to local golf enthusiasts from both the Khayelitsha and Mitchell’s Plain areas. In May of 2000 the Foundation launched the “people’s range” with the hope of bringing the game of golf to those denied access to other facilities. A club house facility has been constructed however; we need assistance in the competition of the project. Once finished, we plan to use the building not only as a golf facility but as a community center.

Sports Development
Evolving from what was once part of our After School Care programs, this project promotes the physical, mental and spiritual values of sport. We have recently partnered with the City of Cape Town for resources and venues that provide soccer, chess, handball, table tennis, boxing, basketball and netball. Our soccer and netball teams have begun to play matches against city teams.


Mural Project
The Mural Project operating as part of the After School Care Programs
involves 30 boys. Students are trained in basic art and painting skills and design and paint murals which are displayed in their communities and in the United States.

Music Program
Currently 1000 students in grades 4, 5, 6 and 7 participate in this program hosted by two primary schools. Two music instructors train students in music theory and practice on the recorder. Over 30 committed students receive further training in violin, guitar, piano, and saxophone.

Theatre Outreach Program
In another attempt to channel energy into healthy and productive activities the Foundation launched the Theatre Outreach Program in 2002. Designed to foster education in drama technique and production, the program serves as a tool to improve social interaction and communicating skills using the creative process.


First Aid and CPR Training
The Amy Biehl First Aid Training Program was established in 1998. Since its inception the program has trained over 8,000 people including community workers, teachers, foster parents, police officers, life guards and youth groups. Training has also been brought to several prisons where both inmates and wardens are trained.

HIV/AIDS Peer Education/Amy's Tavern Project
As South Africa struggles in the battle against this deadly enemy the Amy Biehl Foundation stands firmly on the front lines. Through various “grass roots” programs the Foundation brings education and awareness to the forefront. A wealth of information, literature, and over 10,000 condoms are distributed monthly through these initiatives.


Youth Reading Role Models
Run during the school day in over 20 primary schools, this program trains grade 7 students in reading aloud to grade 1 students. Approximately 200 grade 7 readers and 3000 grade 1 students are currently participating. The program also hosts guest readers to model quality reading skills. Recently, an ABFT-sponsored parent reading club has been established.

After School Care Programs
For over 1,000 children the After School Care Programs provide daily havens for school violence throughout the Cape Flats. Students learn life skills and reinforce knowledge acquired through the formal school system. Classes offered include dance, art, arithmetic, literacy, life skills, and sports. A nutritious meal is also provided to all the children in the two hour after school sessions.

The Greening Program
The Amy Biehl Greening and Environmental Program enable students, parents, and teachers to improve the aesthetics of their schools and disadvantaged communities. The program enhances the student’s appreciation and sensitivity with regards to environmental preservation and care.

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Friday 8/25/2006 is the 13th anniversary of Amy's death.
The ABF is sad to announce the death of Program Director Solomon Makosana. Solomon had been ill for the past several months and finally could fight no longer on August 3rd
Please see the photos of the ABF's recent activities in Seattle. Click Here
The Amy Biehl Foundation is still in dire need of financial assistance. Your generosity is greatly appreciated.
The ABF would like to thank Mr. Scott Creelman and Spalding for the generous donation of 25 soccer balls to our Sports Program.

The ABF is very appreciative for the donation of ballet slippers, tap and jazz shoes made by Pandre' Shandley and the Accent Dance Studios, Inc. We also thank our former intern Sarah Cotton for her work in this wonderful contribution.

The Amy Biehl Foundation joins the world in mourning for Coretta Scott King. She was a true hero, humanitarian, and social activist. Below you will find the content of the letter she wrote to the Biehl family following Amy's death.

"Dear Mr. and Mrs. Biehl,

I am deeplyand personally saddened to learn of your daughter Amy's death. Your loss is shared by all the people of conscience in South Africa, at the King Center, and around the world - - people, who like Amy, have devoted their lives to the quest for worldwide freedom, peace and justice.

Tomorrow, August 28th, commemorates the 30th Anniversary of the March on Washington where my husband, Martin Luther King, Jr., delivered his famous "I Have a Dream" speech. As I march tomorrow I will, of course, remember Martin, but I shall also remember Amy's valiant effort and supreme contribution.

Although there is pain and sorrow, you should take great pride in her selfless dedication to such a noble cause. My prayers are with you and your family, now and always.

May God bless you.

Coretta Scott King

The ABF is proud to announce that Tony Monfiletto has agreed to join our Board of Directors. Tony is the co-founder the Amy Biehl High School in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Tony's commitment to the education and development of young people is well known and respected. The ABF will benefit greatly from Tony's talents.
The following program is being put together by ABF Board Member Lori Markowitz.

Worlds Apart HEARTS Together...Community Building Through Global Understanding.

A special middle school educational program will be taking place May 30th- June 2nd in Seattle, Washington.

The program will engage students from Washington Middle School and the Amy Biehl Foundation in artistic workshops and civic dialogue promoting literacy and creative learning through authentic interactions focusing on cross cultural understanding and community building.

Book It Repertory Theater will be performing and providing artists in residents during the program. The University of Washington students and faculty will additionally be participating.

The students will have the opportunity to learn and share their different cultures and experience constructive engagement. The project will prepare the students to become globally competent citizens recognizing their own responsibilities in the world developing leadership skills. The project will encourage the empowerment of youth to help shape their futures. Through the spirit of Amy, the "Power of One" will develop citizens that will build character and confidence.

For more information contact: info@amybiehl.co.za attention Lori Markowitz.


The ABF finds itself at a crossroads; we need to examine our long-term sustainability and direction. This letter outlines our needs along with our plans for the future. Please take time to read it thoroughly and consider our request.

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