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From the Quaker Campus, The Voice of Whittier College by Seth Feldman

For the last 15 years, Linda Biehl & Ntobeko Peni have traveled together many times and grown close. In a difficult way for many of us to imagine, the events in 1993 created a lifelong bond between those convicted and Biehl. In an article on The Forgiveness Project website by Linda Biehl, she explains, “I’ve grown fond of these young men. They’re like my own kids. It may sound strange, but I tend to think there’s a little bit of Amy’s spirit in them.”

To some, Linda and Ntobeko’s relationship may seem taboo, but experiences of forgiveness and positivity ring clear as they parallel the change that is the aim of the Amy Biehl Foundation. In some contexts, we see that forgiveness of ourselves and of others is healthy in overcoming the grief of traumatic experiences. In the case of Amy and her family, a tragedy was transformed into a force of goodness and philanthropy.



Peace Talks Radio: Compelling radio interviews with LINDA BIEHL & EASY NOFEMELA about the TRC and their perspectives today.

LINDA BIEHL wins the Words of Women 2015 Essay of the Year.
Congratulations to WILL KENDALL who is set to become an MLK Scholar at St. Louis University in the Fall of 2015! We are proud of you.
Congratulations to our friend Deepa Bharath for an amazing article on the new book The Forgiveness Project: Hundreds of stories from around the world on forgiveness, reconciliation and peace.
Congratulations to Carole Sams Hoemeke our ABF USA board member who just received the Volunteer of the Year Award in Forsyth County Schools after 23 years working in schools professionally and as a volunteer.
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